About Us

Women in Energy Oil and Gas

We provide networking opportunities and foster the career, business and leadership development of women in the energy, oil and gas industries

Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG)  is a forum created to promote gender diversity and inclusion in the male dominated energy, oil and gas industry thereby creating opportunities for women to step into leadership roles and pursue their career, business and personal goals in line with the Global goal 05.

WEOG is an Incorporated trustee duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a non governmental organisation. WEOG is operating under the banner of International Forum for Women In Energy Oil and Gas

WEOG believes that a more inclusive workforce will not only enhances business performance, but can also serve as an integral part of the community / national growth strategy for Nigeria and Africa at large.
WEOG is a mix of formal and informal forum focused on providing information for opportunity leverage , exposure & education thereby enhancing women’s endeavours in the industry.

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If you would like to work for an organisation making a real impact on the girl child, women and the nation.